About Letters From Summer Camp

"Have you shown him your camp letters yet?"

It was my mom who uttered that line, wondering if I had shown my boyfriend the stacks of letters I had written to her and my father while I was at summer camp years earlier.

As I shook my head no, my mom promptly opened a drawer and pulled out the letters. As we reread them, we laughed, we cried, and often I hid my head in embarrassment.

The contents of my letters from summer camp ranged from,"Dear Mom and Dad, I hate camp. I'm homesick. Take me home." to "Dear M + D, Having the best summer ever! Too busy to write, but it's Red Letter Day, so I had to. Love you!" Of course, there were also long letters, filled with the minutiae of my day, my counselors (who I liked and who I didn't), the other campers in my bunk, my adventures waterskiing.... the list goes on and on.

What better way to relive your camp days than to reread all of the letters you sent to friends and family while you were away?

That brings me to I thought it would be fun if we all shared our camp letters with each other. For one, it offers hope to camp parents: We all wrote silly letters, we all complained, we all wrote in excruciating detail about events like Dress Your Counselor and about the kids kissing behind the bunks. So, don't fear when you receive your next camp letter.

And, of course, for all those campers out there, these letters offer quick glimpses into brief memories from camp that we may have forgotten, but that once we remember, we cherish all over again.

Enjoy reading everyone's Letters From Summer Camp, and don't forget to dig up your old letters and submit them for everyone to read!